Don's Dugout


Instructions: In addition to loading the sound and graphics data, the game
will need a few seconds to prepare some fractals used in the scenery, so
please be patient.

To start the game click your mouse in the game area and then press the
'Spacebar' on your computer. Press the 'I' key to go up, 'K' to go down, 'J'
to go left and 'L' to go right. To "PumpUp" the enemy, hold down the
SHIFT and 'J' or 'L'

The colored horizontal bar at the lower left in the introduction screens
shows the current speed settings of the game. The red part is the minimum
amount of time per animation cycle the processor is given to take care of
other things. The total bar, i.e. red plus yellow, represents the minimum
amount of time an animation cycle is allowed to take.

Press A or S to decrease or increase the red time and Z or X to decrease
or increase the total time. Default values are 20 ms for the former and 100
ms for the latter, which feel OK on a Sun SPARCstation 4, but you may
need to tweak and tune them a bit to make the game run optimally smooth
on your machine -- especially if it has a slow processor.

This game was created by Karl Hörnell